Between Love and Madness lies Obsession…

Flying Cloud is an ultra-boutique producer of hand-crafted, site-specific wines sourced from special parcels of fruit from cool climate areas on a small scale with each bin, fermenter, vineyard block, and barrel getting my personal attention with touch, smell, and taste, endeavoring to give true expression to the unique terroir.

I want to experience the integrity and virtue of terroir and character of the vintage. The virtuosity of being unique. The French have another expression they use when it is clear they are tasting a true terroir wine — “un goût de terroir” — a taste of place.

I passionately desire and strive for excellence. My vow to you is to create adventurous, individualistic, pioneering and some extraordinary wines. The wine should exude a persona, possess charisma and aura.

These wines should excite and inspire you, providing you with the thrill of gratification, unearthing some truly soulful wines.

Donald Ackerman

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